Why Film Festivals Are Important For The Growth Of Uganda Film Industry

By Shadrine Taremwa

In Uganda, a number of film festivals have emerged where over 1,000+ films from around the world every year have been screened as they seek to bring together filmmakers and fans, connect critical work to new audiences and even boost local economies.

Film festivals are a vital piece of the film world, and their influence is evident across our arts:

Amakula festival has provided a platform for new talent
Each year, filmmakers submit their films to a number of film festivals with the hopes of getting their work shown to the public during screening sessions. If a film attracts attention, a film maker could have their work showcase in front of an influential audience. Amakula film festival has open doors for many filmmakers.

Kayondo Juma responding to questions from the audience after his short film Coin Bank screened

Amakula film festival has intensely provided exposure to film makers, a film will play at least for a big audience which in turn the film maker’s prestige. The greater your prestige, the greater your popularity, the greater your profit.

Amakula festival has attracted new audiences
When a filmmaker brings a film to the festival, the audience has the opportunity to connect with the film story firsthand. The festival allows them to share their emotions and ideas with the filmmakers and audience to open a new side on the film. The festival offers the filmmaker insights as well as unlock new avenues for the film.

Amakula festival has promoted tourism and the local economy
Amakula festival can attract attendees from both within Uganda and around the world, ultimately boosting the local economy.

Amakula film festival has emphasized the worldwide passion of cinema and shown the value of film, both from the creative and economic sides. Film festivals bring a new, unique way to understand the movies, always driven by the power of a good story.

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