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Every year, Bayimba works with a significant number of volunteers who help create a countryside season of events as Volunteers are needed to assist in all areas of our programming. And now, it’s the 10th Amakula International Film Festival … where we will need help from cinema entrances to pickups and drop offs of actors, directors and producers of Films. Of course, there are exciting benefits such as being among the first audiences to see Film premieres of the best new independent films. But the real benefits of volunteering aren’t things, or even films–they’re the experiences. If you’re ready for a one-of-a-kind experience, read on and apply to join us in Kampala this March!

The application to volunteer for the 2020 Amakula International Film Festival is now open.

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Overview of Volunteer Programme:

  1. Learn More: Read over the Volunteer Requirements and Benefits and decide on the type and level of commitment you would like to make before applying
  2. Apply to Volunteer: The volunteer application generally opens one month after the previous festival. The application for 2018 is now open.
  3. Discuss Your Application: When we review your application, we’ll email you to set up a call and discuss possibilities. Applying to volunteer does not guarantee you will be offered a role, as we tend to receive many applications for just a few positions.
  4. Receive a Specific Assignment: When a volunteer’s interests and the Festival’s needs fit, volunteers are offered a volunteer assignment with a Festival Department by early February. All details are discussed on the phone and confirmed via email.
  5. Get Your Schedule
  6. Sig Up Volunteers & Full-Time Volunteerswill have their schedules set by the Volunteer Department and be able to access it via Google Drive
  7. Learn, Check-In, and Festival! All volunteers come to check-in just before volunteering to get their Festival Credentials, uniforms, etc. Volunteers are also required to attend training, and briefings some of which is provided at the Bayimba Office.
  8. Finally, it’s Festival time! Volunteers enjoy working their assigned shifts in-between attending events, seeing films, and (maybe) sleeping.

Requirements & Benefits Overview

Volunteers can choose between three different levels of commitment: Sign-Up and Full-Time. In short, the Sign-Up program offers flexible scheduling (you choose which days of the festival you would like to volunteer) with one film voucher each day you work. Full-Time Volunteers work every day of the Festival on an assigned schedule, but can see an unlimited number of films while not on shift. ALL VOLUNTEERS MUST BE 18 YEARS OF AGE BY JANUARY 01, 2020.

Volunteer Requirements

Sign-Up Volunteers, choose a day, you sign up for your schedule:

  • Commit to a minimum of 8 hours a day during the Festival; sign up for more hours as you desire.
  • Shifts on days are in short supply. Volunteers will need to plan on working at least 2 – 3 days.

Full-Time Volunteers, 80+ hours, we assign a Full-Time schedule:

  • Commit to a preassigned Festival schedule of 8 to 10 hours each day
  • Be available to work the entire Festival period as determined by job assignment (varies).

Volunteer Benefits

Volunteers are essential to the Festival. We recognize the time they devote to the Festival and provide benefits to them as a thank-you for their service. Benefits are provided in conjunction with the number of hours and days volunteered, and for Full-Time Volunteers, the skills needed for the position held.

All Volunteers receive:

  • Festival Access: Volunteer Credentials allow access to non-cinema official Festival venues on a space-available basis (similar credential costs $100). We also offer a few screenings just for volunteers. Most of all, we want to be sure volunteers can see films.
  • Uniform: T-shirts and Volunteer Credential.
  • Party: Ticket to the Staff and Volunteer Opening After-Party.
  • Refreshments: We offer light refreshments and lunch for volunteers.
  • For almost every screening, we set aside a certain number of tickets only for volunteers. Film access depends on the number of hours or days volunteered:

Sign Up Volunteers

  • 08 hours: Receive one volunteer voucher for every eight hours volunteered. Volunteer vouchers are redeemable for one film ticket for the volunteer through the volunteer or waitlist line on a space-available basis. Vouchers and credentials are non-transferable and must be used by the volunteer with his or her credential.

Full-Time Volunteers

  • 40 hours: Vouchers are replaced by a Volunteer Photo Credential, allowing the volunteer access to unlimited Festival screenings through the volunteer line on a space available basis (when not volunteering, of course!), a ticket to the awards night ceremony, and four grub stubs (each transferable for a meal at participating locations). Full-time volunteers will also receive four guest waitlist ticket vouchers.

Recognition for all volunteers, volunteering for 120 Hours: Volunteers giving 120 hours or more are recognized for their dedication to the Festival and become a part of the Amakula Alumni Club. They receive the same benefits as above (sign-up and full-time are eligible for this) as well as being recognized for their commitment on their credential along with a name listing at the Festival’s Awards Ceremony and access to one pre-selected ticket to a screening of their choice (as available).

Volunteer Departments to apply for:

There are so many ways volunteers can get involved at the Festival! Please read on for a brief overview of the different departments that utilize volunteers:

Corporate Relations Act as liaison and provide guest services for corporate sponsors
Filmmaker Lounge Set-up, maintain, and breakdown filmmaker lounge. Assist with daily operation tasks
Headquarters Assist with daily operations, set up, and tear down of headquarters and all associated offices (film office, volunteer lounge, programming etc)
Information Services Provide customer service and general Festival information to patrons at designated locations
Logistics Coordinate logistics for radios, equipment, and uniforms throughout Festival
Marketing Video/content editing, photography, and associated duties as it relates to Festival content
Merchandise Help in our Fest stores with set-up, selling, and maintaining merchandise items
Film Café Set-up, maintain, and breakdown Film Cafe. Assist with daily operation tasks.
Press Help with press check-in, office duties, and press communications
Production Help with behind-the scenes set-up, maintenance, and tear down of the Festival
Tech Services Help set-up, troubleshoot, and breakdown technology at the Festival
Cinema Box Office Distribute, collect, and account for all tickets at our Cinemas
Cinema Operations From ticket taking to crowd control, Theatre Operations is our BIGGEST NEED for volunteers
Ticketing Assist in filling ticket orders, answering patrons’ questions about films and Cinemas, and providing customer service
Transportation Navigate crowds from one location to another around the festival venue
Volunteer FLEX Volunteers assigned to this role will be shifted throughout various positions to fill cancellations/no-shows OR they may be re-assigned completely to one role for the duration of the festival if help is needed on that team. FLEX volunteers MUST be willing to do ANYTHING, inside or outside, and be willing to rotate OR be re-assigned completely.
Special Events Help with set-up, maintenance, and tear down of Festival events (late hours)

Student Volunteers at the Festival

If you are a student group of 6 or more that would like to attend the Festival as volunteers, please contact us by March 1st, 2020 at [email protected] with the names of the students attending, where you are attending from, and we will follow up with more details.

Student groups are scheduled within our cinema operations team by the volunteer department and have access to workshops and seminars designed for students only. Student groups must have a designated point of contact for communication and planning and have own secured transportation.

Alumni Volunteers

FAQ for alumni to review prior to applying for 2020.

  1. If you volunteered in 2015-2019, you will receive a reminder email to re-apply when the application OPENS for 2020. If you volunteered prior to 2015 but could not attend 2015, please set a calendar reminder to check the website to apply as we ONLY send reminder emails to most recent Festival alumni. (This is due to outdated contact information. Once an alumni, you are always an alumni and the application is the same for everyone).
  2. The application process is completely online. You will need to fill out an application with your email. If you do not receive a response in two days, please send us a reminder email!Please fill out ALL AREAS as we want to have as much up to date information as we can for you! We will begin reviewing applications as early as we can (starting with alumni). Help us get a head start by applying early
  3. To have priority consideration, alumni MUST submit an application by January 30th, 2020!
  4. Watch your email for updates on your status. Email will be our main source for contacting you and getting everything in line for the Festival. We do not send anything in the mail. Don’t worry though, while we’re cutting back on paper, we’re not robots. You can always reach us by phone at +256 414 591670.

The Amakula International Film Festival is presented by
Bayimba Cultural Foundation in partnership with The DOEN Foundation, Africalia, Kampala Film School and the Uganda Museum.

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