Ugandan Feature Film Rain Review

By Shadrine Taremwa

Yesterday, Amakula International Film Festival’s drive-in cinema night was opened at 7:00 pm by Ugandan award winning feature film Rain. It has won an award at the London Eye International and Ugandan film festival.

Rain is a drama film about one girl who holds on to her idea of HOPE irrespective of her overwhelming tragedies, born in a humble village in Masaka-Uganda, she has a dream of becoming a music star in the country but her dream is short lived when a Deejay takes advantage of her and they have unprotected sex. She gets HIV and PREGNANT. Because of her perseverance and ever-growing hope she eventually becomes a very productive citizen when she decides to become a councilor and offer emotional support to those that may be experience hardships in life.

Directed by Daniel Mugerwa and produced by Eleanor and Mathew under Nabwiso Nabwiso Films, the movie boasts many high profile actors like Philip Luswata, Mathew Nabwiso, Joanita Bewulira Wandera,
Joel Okuyo Atiku (Prynce),Richard Tuwangye, Micheal Wawuyo Junior, Allie Mutaka Byansi, Salome Elizabeth, Bwamimpeke Nina Katamba and more a great casting job done by Allie Mutaka

Rain has boosts a great story which shows what the normal Ugandan is or could be facing as they strive to reach for their dreams but they are caught up by opportunists who take advantage of people longing to have their dreams come true,credit goes to Mary Nyanzi for white such a great movie.

Crane Media and Height Montage as they were responsible for cinematography and editing were they did a good job especially with the editing but the cinematography was short of some essential aspects especially with the night scenes.

Daniel Mugerwa, the director did an excellent job of controlling the film’s artistic and dramatic aspects, as well as visualizes the movie script for the movie lovers to stay and watch it to the end while guiding the technical crew and actors in the fulfillment of that vision.

The overall movie score board is 7/10. Rain is nominated in the best feature film in the Golden Impala Awards.


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