Shadrine Taremwa

By Shadrine Taremwa Amakula Film festival, Uganda’s oldest film festival founded in 2004 by Dutch film historian Alice Smits and American filmmaker Lee Elickson is not complete without the Golden Impala Awards. This year’s festival is presented by Bayimba cultural foundation and both Ugandan and international movies have made the cut to be showcased after [...]

By Shadrine Taremwa In Uganda, a number of film festivals have emerged where over 1,000+ films from around the world every year have been screened as they seek to bring together filmmakers and fans, connect critical work to new audiences and even boost local economies. Film festivals are a vital piece of the film world, [...]

By Shadrine Taremwa Amakula Film International Festival was blessed with top panelists Musinguzi Godfrey – Actor, Founder Of Uganda Cinema Night, Nathan Magoola – Movie Producer and Advertising creative, Nana Kagga – Script Writer, Movie Producer, Kabubi Herman – Curator, Arts Consultant and Director Programmes at Bayimba Foundation who provided their expertise on the role of [...]

By Shadrine Taremwa Veronica’s Wish is a Ugandan award winning English language drama film starring Nisha Kalema as Veronica, Housen Mushema as Michael, Malaika Nnyanzi as Bankia  and Symon Base Kalema as Frank premiered in Uganda on 17 November 2018. Veronica’s Wish evolves around Michael and Veronica, a couple in love and engaged to about [...]

By Shadrine Taremwa Amakula Film International Festival was blessed with top panelists Joshua Ssali Sentongo – Film Tourism Expert, Moses Serugo – Journalist/Film Critic/Film Publicist and Satish Guna – Century Cinemax MD/Film Exhibitor who provided their expertise on how Ugandan film can be marketed hence film makers benefiting from their work in a panel discussion presided [...]