Number 9 is a story about unknowing fans of a very famous football star Samuel Eto’o.
The story is concrete evidence that soccer has in the past and still is the major role player in bringing people and countries together in celebration of the sport and it personalities.

Nigh Song still

Film director hopeful Seungwoo takes off for Samnye to write his film scenario which he has been struggling on. He quickly befriends Heein whom he meets in Samnye. In a strange time and space, Heein’s form becomes both a source of inspiration and enormous chaos for Seungwoo.

Mohamed, le Prénom still

Mohamed is the most popular first name in the world. But, it is not always easy to carry it in the West. Mohamed, a 10 years old boy, relates why he didn’t like his first name. His parents informed him that he was named after the messenger of Islam, Mohamed, which who spread a message of peace and love.

Love Faces still

Sherry decides to breakup with her longtime love Joshua after a disagreement. The ruckus is intervened by Joshua’s best friend Salim who wants them to make peace while Maria, Sherry’s workmate also shows up to help her move out. When Maria and Salim are away, a burglar breaks into the house with Joshua and Sherry both in. Joshua realizes after the incident that he still loves his woman and wants to do everything to take all that has happened back; only that Sherry has already made up her mind to leave.

Kandia still

In the Bambara language of Burkina Faso, the term Kandia, composed by the words KAN (voice) and DIA (beauty), means the beautiful voice, but also the beauty that the voice produces. In the heart of Lecce in Puglia, a multicutural chorus sing its deep humanity, singing in italian, tamil, swahili. An real example of integration and melting among peoples. Our desire through this project is to show a type of relationship among “migrant” and “autochtonous” different from that proposed by the media beyond the polarizing and criminalizing way. Kandia is an example of cohabitation and concrete interaction, a simple action, human, in which one man equal one voice.


Joy still

A Nigerian woman living in America struggles to convince her traditionalist husband not to circumcise their ten-year-old daughter.

Jethro x Jethro still

Jethro x Jethro is a short meta-comedy made up of stories pitched by Ugandan film-makers trying to get funds for their projects from the Moderately Altruistic Non-Governmental Organisation (MANGO). From a sci-fi comedy about time travel, to a film about nothing; Jethro x Jethro shows what should have been a boring pitching session degenerating into absolute chaos.

Devil's Chest still

A true story about Joseph Kony and the Lords Resistance Army (LRA). A village woman has to fight for her freedom after being forced to be the wife of rebel leader Joseph Kony, a man responsible for her husband’s and other people’s death

A Senegalese fisherman finds a Belgian passport on a beach in Dakar and decides to use it. He soon crosses paths with N’Zibou, a wise man who measures the clouds and questions the man about his search for identity.

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