How do ku-ng-fu punches, copyright infringement and clothes pegs lead to the galvanization of the Ugandan film industry? VJ Sammy, the Movie Doctor, and VJ Sammy, the Master, shows us how.

VJ Ronnie translates pop films from Korean kung-fu punches into Ugandan language and popular culture with a shrewd combination of drama, shacks and clothes pegs to hundreds of audience members in the underbelly of Kampala. The Movie Doctor investigates the galvanization of Uganda’s cinema through the eyes of the cultural and linguistic interpreter, VJ Ronnie.

The Last Breath still

A poor Ugandan girl comes to terms with grief as she tries to protect her mother’s last breath contained in a red balloon.

The Forbidden still

The Forbidden movie follows a story of a young girl Dian living with a single mother, she is a smart girl at school whose education is interrupted by lack of school payments, this stress pushes her to pressure her mother to unveil who her father was but the mother keeps on hiding the truth from Dian, on a task of discovering her father after her mother’s death, she gets hired to work as a maid at her boyfriend “Joseph’s” home where his father Ssendi rapes her, later after she is caught in a puzzled world when she gets to know that her and her boyfriend Joseph shared the same father who had already infected her with HIV through the sexual harassment, her father dies in a physical fight and she is left with a haunting memory of having been infected by the father she spent all her teenage life searching for.

The End of the Good Old Days still

Year 1999. Humeyra, who is preparing for her university entrance exams, aims to follow in the footsteps of her elder sister, who is continuing her education abroad because of the headscarf ban. As for her mother – who is in the midst of a risky pregnancy – she desires her daughter to study at home. As for her father, who has used all of his available means to support his eldest – he is caught between supporting the dreams of his daughter and the reality of their situation. The girl’s grandmother, who has returned home to help Humeyra’s mother during the pregnancy, endeavors to resolve the tension. But will Humeyra be able to fulfill her dream?

The Bad Mexican still

Youth unemployment remains a serious problem in many sub-Saharan African countries, including Uganda, Kenneth is a young Ugandan writer who has this one chance to get a job that will enable him to pay off a gangster loan shark (Moses) but his day doesn’t go exactly as planned, Moses won’t listen to any of that.

Solon still

A tale about the emergence or re-emergence of the world, brought from the encounter of a devastated landscape and a mysterious creature. Solon inhabits this extremely arid and infertile space. Slowly, the creature begins a task of putting out the fire that dominates the environment and to nourish the earth. Water spurting from its body make the fire disappear, while colored smoke invade the space. The water becomes a nascent that flows from the ferrous soil. The landscape changes and the creature as well. The world is born. A woman is born.

RWANDArt still

Rwandan creative entrepreneurs are leaving preconceived beliefs behind and unleashing their artistic potential. They are the new face of Rwanda; a country which has beautifully risen from the ashes and is moving forward without forgetting its essence and traditions. RWANDArt captures this phenomenon, expressing itself through dance, music, fashion and art, with young passionate artists sharing their stories, dreams, and ambitions. More and more, they are becoming a source of inspiration, redefining cultural boundaries and showing hope and humanity.

Rehema still

A coming of age story about Rehema, a Muslim young woman that stands up to her family for the right to choose her suitor but nearly loses everything.

RAIN is a drama film about a girl who holds on to HOPE irrespective of overwhelming tragedies that surround her. She is born in a humble village in Masaka, Uganda with a dream of becoming a shining music artist. However, this dream is short lived when Mr. Dj an event music selector takes advantage of her and engages her in unprotected sex resulting into early Pregnancy and HIV infection. It’s her perseverance and steadfast hope that keeps her alive and eventually becomes a very productive citizen when she decides to become a counselor and offer emotional support to those that are going through similar situations.

Office vacation is a hilarious story of two friends and workmates, Bwanika (Felix Bwanika) and Kanyomozi (Patricq Nkakalukanyi) who spend their time at office doing nothing but arranging dance competitions between themselves and amongst their colleagues. But is the boss really up for it?

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