Seeking to escape suburban boredom, 26-year-old med student Marc travels to Cali, Colombia, on an exchange. No sooner has he arrived in the hospital than he is thrust into the operating room, as if in a war zone. The beautiful cartel capital of Cali is a battleground, which his conservative host family tries to keep Marc well away from. But Marc finds himself drawn to the dangerous life in the favela of Siloé, a picturesque neighborhood of teenage hired assassins. There, he meets kiosk owner Wanda, a charming alcoholic, and little Pavito, a boy who supplies him with coke. Soon Marc is being pulled into the fast and furious life of the favelas, which brings him into conflict with his hospital and host family. He gets thrown out and takes up residence in Wanda’s kiosk, already heavily in love with the beautiful owner. When gang leader El Juez, the »Judge«, wants Marc to become his personal doctor, Marc has to make a choice. Juez is on a bloody crusade for control of the town, and Marc decides he has to try and stop him. Shot on location in Cali. .

A slumdog with dreams of becoming a pilot learns through hardship the virtue of gratitude.

The story is about a husband left by his wife due to several disputes leaving behind her baby, the husband face challenges in take caring the baby and in handling everyday house chores within 12 hours he final realize that he needs his wife home he decides to send a text message begging her to come back home and settle their disputes his wife forgives him and returns home to raise their baby as one happy family

Watatu, set in Mombasa, tackles extremism at the Kenyan Coast. It provides a counter narrative to that given by extremist groups, looking to radicalise young men and women. Watatu also looks at the fractured relationship between the security services and the youth, with extra judicial killings on the rise, tensions between the two are worsening.

Renege is a story about a young brainwashed suicide bomber who decided to go against his original planned assignment.

The town of Fungurume is situated in the province of Katanga (D.R. Congo) and the hills and mountains surrounding Fungurume form one of the world’s largest copper and cobalt deposits. In pre-colonial times the area was already a major centre in the copper trading network that ran across Central Africa. Today the mountains have become the property of the American Tenke Fungurume Mining consortium (TFM). From 2009 onward, TFM’s mining activities have been in full swing, causing the resettlement of thousands of local Sanga inhabitants. Pungulume focuses on Sanga chief Mpala and his court elders while they are rendering the oral history of the Sanga people, against the backdrop of the industrial destruction of the landscape that anchors Sanga memory and identity.

Located on the border between Pakistan and China, K2 is the second-highest mountain on Earth. For many climbers, it is an even greater prize than Everest, with limited routes, a steeper ascent, and a harder push to its summit. Nicknamed the ‘Savage Mountain,’ K2’s peak juts unprotected into the atmosphere, regularly exposing climbers and porters to life-threatening weather conditions.

Lomoe Rose is a single Karamojong mother who, after conflicting with her husband returns to her father’s house. She ventures into local brewing (Ebutia) to support her children. But will Ebutia fill her husband’s shoes? The film is a product of Kotido based filmmakers developed during the Voice of Karamoja (VOKF), training project conducted by Native Travel Festival with a view of empowering Karamoja based filmmaking aspirants with the skills and tools to tell stories from a Karamojong perspective.

Somebody Clap for Me, by Brazilian director Luciana Farah, provides a fascinating window into life in contemporary Uganda that links the country’s oral tradition to its 21st century culture of slam poetry and hip-hop. This unconventional film, made with the support of Maisha Film Lab, chronicles the resurfacing of village bonfire traditions in an urban setting, introducing the audience to key members of Kampala-based grassroots poetry collectives. These eclectic individual portraits combine to form a vision of a country trying to shed its past and build a more democratic reality, despite the conservative forces latching on to power.

Mukasa, a new tourist boat-rider on Lake Victoria, discovers a terrifying secret when he learns of Idi Amin’s sunken boat on the shore of a deserted island and the untold treasures it hides. But is he brave enough to act on this when nothing is quite as it seems?

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