Review: Love, drama, emotions all in Veronica’s wish Film

By Allen Kisakye



As their signature norm at Amakula international festival, the Drive-in-cinema of the 12th edition definitely left a memorable impact in the hearts of many film lovers.

The film on screen was Veronica’s Wish, one of the best Ugandan film production, crafted by amazing talents like Nisha Kalema, Rehema Nanfuka, Malaika Nyanzi among others, and it saw an over whelming attendance at Uganda museum parking.

With lots of people parking their cars to watch the love, fun and drama scripted in Veronica’s wish, those without cars also paraded their mats on front to watch this film, despite the cold weather, this film captured people’s attention that when it started, no one left the grounds, not even for bathroom.

Despite the first mechanical breakdown with the film projector, the film started at around 8:25 pm as opposed to 7:00 pm that this film had to start.

With everyone attentive with their headsets on, the highly waited Veronica’s Wish Film started.

The story revolves around two ‘love birds’, Veronica and Michael, the couple is happily engaged with hopes of spending the rest of their lives together, actually this film started when they were preparing for their wedding.

Michael aside, Veronica had her best friend Bankia, and the two had been childhood friends. Michael too also has a close friend called Frank. But Bankia and Frank can’t stand each other as every time they meant, drama happened as they always had something to fight about.

But despite the first interesting scenes of love and drama between Veronica, Michael and their friends, the film took a new turn when Veronica was diagnosed with a serious type of cancer, in just days to her wedding.

Given that the cancer was detected at its late stage, it wasn’t easy to determine if treatment would help out, and the couple decided to postpone the wedding.

Emotions and saddens started covering the faces of people in the Drive-in-cinema, as all the jingles and laughter’s were no more, and the only thing you could her was just ‘Oh bambi, that’s why I hate love films, why does love always has to end badly…oooh’.

Back to the film, when Michael was still in the hospital, he received a call informing him about the death of his mother, with all the pain and sadness between this couple, the doctor also came in with more bad news as he told Veronica that she had less than three months.

Poor Veronica, so desperate, confused and scared, she decided to run from hospital, went home and pack her clothes and left Michael because with the pain of losing his mother, there was no way she would tell him that she was only left with three months.

However after days, Veronica accepted her fate, gained confidence and was hosted on Bankia’s life story show on KFM, where she advised people to always go for cancer screening for the disease can be cured if detected on its earlier stage.

Veronica’s wish was for the government to improve sensitization on cancer, especially for those terrible cancers that the government and people put less emphasis on.

Not all in vein, Veronica’s wish heard at last, and the government through the ministry of health drafted a budget towards cancer sensitization, awareness schemes and treatment.

She also fulfilled the wish of marrying her soul-mate ‘Michael’ in an intimate wedding ceremony, though she didn’t not make it to her wedding reception, for she fainted and later died in the eyes of Micheal.

Soo emotional…. So touching, but very entertaining and educative, Veronica’s wish is a kind of film that one can never get tired of watching.

And according to Nisha Kalema, the Director, producer, script writer and lead actress (Veronica), this movie was based on a true love story of her friends Veronica and Michael. And that she wanted to bring a feeling of American love story movies to Uganda Film… actually she did…

Great  Job.


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