Message from the Curatorial Team

Message from the Director

Dear Film Fans,


Welcome to the 11th edition of the Amakula International Film Festival.

Within the goals to address the immediate challenges affecting the film in industry in Uganda, this edition has been curated in two parts. The first two days of the festival (14-15 March) will be held at the Kampala Film School, focusing on short, students and documentary films from around the world. The idea of holding this first segment of the Festival at the Film school was also to 1) embrace the opportunity that Uganda has an established film school that is fully equipped with the most up-to-date curriculum and facilities and 2) encourage our local and foreign students to understand the value of film Festival and the role they play in advancing the ideas and opportunities for young filmmakers. Students and other professionals will have the chance to attend master classes and seminars facilitated by some of the international filmmakers in the business as part of the programme

The second part of the programme will be held at the Uganda Museum (16-17 March) with a drive in cinema setting that will allow audiences to watch some of the best feature films in the comfort of their cars with headphones. The programme will offer three screenings each evening as well as conference discussions on film regulatory and distribution in Uganda and around the world.

Added on to this edition of the Festival is the Golden Impala Award for best Student Film, together with the best feature, best short and best documentary film. The ceremony will be held on the 17th March at the Uganda Museum foyer presented by an independent jury.

We are looking forward to having you all join us for this wonderful and entrepreneurial Amakula International Film Festival experience.

Faisal KIWEWA,

Message from the Director Programmes


Uganda’s oldest Film Festival – Amakula International Film Festival is back this time bigger and better from March 14th – 15th at the Kampala Film School in Ggaba and 16th – 17that the Uganda Museum.

For the 11th Edition, we thought there was no better way to open the Festival than to have it at Uganda’s oldest Film institution i.e. Kampala Film School with a ‘Staging for Film’ – Master class followed by various Short/Student Films and Documentaries.

The two days that the festival will happen at the Uganda Museum are exciting as well, as we do have two panel discussions lined up for you i.e. ‘Film regulation in Uganda – Assessing the work of the Coordination Working Group’ happening on Friday 16thand ‘Marketing a Ugandan Film – Beating the odds to reach audiences’ which will be on Saturday the 17th inside the Uganda Museum Exhibition Hall where two film screenings will be happening one on each day.

From the total of eight Feature Films which will be screened at the Uganda Museum, six (three on each day) have been lined up to screen in the Uganda Museum Gardens during the Drive-in Cinema where you will all have a chance to pack your cars, motorbikes, bicycles, lay your mats/rugs or cushions and watch a great selection of Films with the aid of Silent-disco headphones. You don’t really want to miss out on this years’ experience as the Films will be projected on to a huge LED screen! I am sure one would want to ask if there will be drinks and food on sale! The answer is yes. We shall have a bar set up for you to order healthy juices, cocktails, Beers and gin as well as well as the best Nyamachoma, Rollex and popcorn.

The Golden Impala Awards/Amakula International Film Festival Awards are back with an aim to recognize the best Film content and this year being special, as a Festival we’ve added one more category i.e. ‘Best student Film.’ We do hope that this will motivate and encourage Film students to create more great content that they can submit each year to win this particular Award.

I look forward to welcoming you all as we celebrate 11 years of the Amakula International Film Festival. GanoMakula!

Herman KABUBI a.k.a Slim Emcee
Director Programmes, Bayimba Cultural Foundation/Amakula International Film Festival

Message from the Co-Curator


It’s with great pleasure that I present to you the 2018 Amakula International Film Festival. As head of the curatorial team this year, I have worked with a few dedicated experts and film lovers to select a package of films that is aesthetically diverse as culturally rich.

A total of 42 films – 24 shorts, 10 documentaries and 8 features – have been selected out of the hundreds of submissions we received from across the globe this year. The sudden increase in the number of local films participating at Amakula in the last couple of years indeed reflects the steady progress of Uganda’s nascent film industry as well as a shift in the programming policy of Amakula under its new management.

Although films were judged on individual basis during the selection stage, we endeavored to uphold Amakula’s tradition of promoting films that highlight the true essence of cinema as a powerful tool for entertainment and social commentary. As such, our official selection this year is mostly comprised of idiosyncratic films that explore contemporary issues in Africa and beyond, ranging from environmental degradation and corruption, to sexuality and alienation. There’s pretty much something for everyone regardless of tastes and preferences!

While the shorts and documentary screenings at the Kampala Film School have been curated to encourage discussions about film as an art-form, the drive-in feature film screenings at the Uganda Museum on the other hand will revive a nostalgic cinema experience within a modern festival setting where audiences will get to watch films on a gigantic screen from the comfort of their cars as it was the case back in the day.

We have also included in our programme two panel discourses on Film Marketing and Film Regulation that are aimed at addressing the loopholes within local film marketing and regulation, respectively.

Our impala awards are as usual aimed at celebrating cinematic excellence across the continent and beyond. Once again we are happy to announce that Uganda has a strong representation in all the four competition categories – Best Feature, Best Short, Best Documentary and Best Student Film.

I wish to end by thanking all the filmmakers that submitted their work for consideration. We work with an incredibly limited budget, and as such we are unable to pay for screening rights. We however pride ourselves in providing a unique platform for selected filmmakers to interact with a diverse audience, create synergies and even seal distribution and funding deals with partners.

As we head into the March 14-17th showcase, I urge all our audiences to interact with the films. There’s just as much to enjoy from these films as there is to learn. We hope that some of the films will be able to trigger meaningful conversations amongst the viewers and possibly inspire someone out there.

I wish you all a great cinematic experience at the 11th Amakula.

Co-curator, Amakula 2018

The Amakula International Film Festival is presented by
Bayimba Cultural Foundation in partnership with The DOEN Foundation, Africalia, Kampala Film School and the Uganda Museum.

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