Judges criticize 27 guns for being long, loses Golden Impala award to Kony’s Film

By Allen Kisakye

Putting social media aside, 27 Guns film has received criticisms from the Jury at Golden Impala Awards for being too long, something that made it loss meaning.

27 Guns was a highly budgeted Film, produced by President Museveni’s daughter, Natasha M Karugire, but not even its good quality production prevented it from receiving negative criticism from social media.

This film was about the liberation struggle of Uganda, when President Museveni and his colleagues lead a fight for the salvation of Uganda.

However, despite the strong message that is conveyed in this film, it lost the Golden Impala’s Best Featured Ugandan Film award to Kony’s Film called Kony-order from above.

According to Cristiano Civitillo, the head of studies at Kampala Film School Film School, he said that the problem they found as a Jury while screening Ugandan movies was that some films where too long which in return killed the meaning of the film.

“Don’t waste the audience time and patience. The perfect cut is when everything that is been put together is so fundamental to the story that removing a single a single clip would make the structure collapse and the story not understandable” said Civitillo.

However he applauded Ugandan film makers for the improved film production during the 2019 Golden Impala Award submission.

Films that won walked away with an award included

Kony – Order from Above – Best Ugandan Featured Film

Subira – Best Non Uganda Featured Film (Kenya)

Chilli On The Lips – Best Documentary (Cameroon)

Doubt out – Best Short Film (France)


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