The Forbidden

Feature Film
in competition for “Best Feature Film”

  • Date: Saturday – 17th March 2018
  • Time: 7:00 pm
  • Venue: Uganda Museum Gardens Drive-in Cinema

The Forbidden movie follows a story of a young girl Dian living with a single mother, she is a smart girl at school whose education is interrupted by lack of school payments, this stress pushes her to pressure her mother to unveil who her father was but the mother keeps on hiding the truth from Dian, on a task of discovering her father after her mother’s death, she gets hired to work as a maid at her boyfriend “Joseph’s” home where his father Ssendi rapes her, later after she is caught in a puzzled world when she gets to know that her and her boyfriend Joseph shared the same father who had already infected her with HIV through the sexual harassment, her father dies in a physical fight and she is left with a haunting memory of having been infected by the father she spent all her teenage life searching for.

The Forbidden still The Forbidden still
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