T-Junction – Tanzania

Feature Film

  • Date: Sunday – 17th March 2019
  • Time: 19:00
  • Venue: Uganda Museum – Gardens (Drive-in)

T-Junction is a story of two girls and their communities. One community lacks formality but finds comfort in solidarity while the other lacks life but adheres to the structures of society. Fatima is a mixed Indian-African young adult who has just lost her estranged father to alcohol. She is unable to mourn his death because of the lack of presence he offered while he was alive. An invisible separation always existed between them. Her mother on the other hand does all she can to mourn as loyal wife should and condemns her daughter’s insolence towards the dead. Fatima has to make simultaneous trips to the hospital to ensure her mother gets the death certificate, a task that bewilders her since her father left no possessions of value for the family. At the hospital, power failures cause her to spend more time than intended and she makes an unlikely companion at the disease-ridden benches. Maria who is a patient at the hospital is about the same age as Fatima but their personalities are polar opposite. She sits on the benches whiling away her time by spying on the staff and twirling in her hospital gown while trying to capture the fluorescent rays from the tube lights in her palms. All this whilst being bundled up in blood clotted bandages across her head and arms.

Maria agrees to tell Fatima how she fell upon such disaster on one condition; she has to listen to the entire story. Knowing electricity won’t be coming back anytime soon, Fatima adheres. Then begins the tale of the T-junction. Through Maria’s great orating skills, Fatima meets Chine, Shabani, Arbogast, Mama Maria, Mangi, Bhabhi and many others who spend their time and make a living around the T-junction. In Maria’s story, Fatima finds love and rage, joy and sorrow, solace and loneliness. But the story never finishes and when Fatima goes home she finds her grieving mother who refuses to reconcile with the passing of her husband. Fatima cannot comprehend how her mother can mourn for a man who was barely present. In her impulsive insolence do we see how solitude engulfed Fatima’s life and attachment was never an option for her. Fatima returns to hear the rest of Maria’s story under the guise of obtaining the death certificate. Their relationship strengthens over the three days as they travel over peaks and valleys in Maria’s story. Maria resuscitates life in Fatima’s mundane life through her tale as Fatima becomes part of the T-Junction.


The Amakula International Film Festival is presented by
Bayimba Cultural Foundation in partnership with The DOEN Foundation, Africalia, Kampala Film School and the Uganda Museum.