Feature Film

  • Date: Friday – 16th March 2018
  • Time: 10:15 pm
  • Venue: Uganda Museum Gardens Drive-in cinema

Drifters is a social drama thriller about street pusher Minna’s struggle for survival. After cheating some local dealers, she finds refuge at an illegal residence where junkies, thieves and exiles dictate their own way of living. The temporary peace is broken when Minna’s adversaries find her trail, setting of a chain of events with dangerous consequences.

Drifters is an intense and deeply captivating look at a woman’s life and survival on society’s margins.

  • Director: Peter Grönlund
  • Run time: 1h 32m
  • Language: Swedish
  • Subtitles: English
  • Country: Sweden
Drifters still
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The Amakula International Film Festival is presented by
Bayimba Cultural Foundation in partnership with The DOEN Foundation, Africalia, Kampala Film School and the Uganda Museum.