Black and White – Uganda

Short Film

  • Date: Saturday – 16th March 2019
  • Time: 14:53
  • Venue: Uganda Museum – Exhibition Hall
  • Director: Ali Musoke

A man so inquisitive about human race, invents an artificial intelligence software capable of independent thinking and reasoning to help him through his research about race; to understand why people are racist. During his research and constant debates about skin color and identity, the software takes the white man’s position and opposition and he takes on the support as a black man. Now the software requires an update to continue operating smoothly, but it’s so fed up of the continuous debates that led to no consensus, when he tries to update it, it refuses and crashes, he is left with many un answered questions and very ruminatively about human nature.

Black and White

The Amakula International Film Festival is presented by
Bayimba Cultural Foundation in partnership with The DOEN Foundation, Africalia, Kampala Film School and the Uganda Museum.