We are now accepting film submissions, especially from African filmmakers, incl. African diaspora, in all categories (feature films, documentaries, short films, animation). Only films completed after 2017 will be accepted. Films from African filmmakers will automatically enter the Golden Impala Award competition. Films by other filmmakers are submitted out of competition.

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13th Edition
19th – 21st March 2020

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 ROGERS ATUKUNDA When Ugandan author and filmmaker Patricia Olwoch Aciro set out to tell a ‘prison story’, she drew inspiration from her personal experiences. Her 7-minute short documentary My Prison Diary tells the story of Ben, her boyfriend who fled Uganda in search of a better life in the United States only to end up [...]

ANDREW KAGGWA It was unfairly overlooked on the local scene last year, but Ugandan film Bala Bala Sese is certainly beginning to get the attention it deserves. Directed by Bashir Lukyamuzi, the feature film on Wednesday got the honour of opening the tenth edition of the Amakula International Film Festival in Kampala. Moviegoers who turned [...]

POLLY KAMUKAMA Gary Mugisha might still be pursuing his film studies but his career as a filmmaker is almost certainly assured. The 26-year-old was on Thursday the star of the moment as his debut film Jinxed premiered to rave reviews at the ongoing Amakula International Film Festival in Kampala. The 15-minute short was particularly hailed [...]

POLLY KAMUKAMA The gritty lifestyle of Kampala slums has always been a favorite topic for filmmaker Robert Nyanzi. But unlike in his previous works, the 37-year-old filmmaker presents a message of hope and success rather than crime and hopelessness in his latest film, Kai: The Vender. The 17-minute picture tells the story of Kai, a [...]

ANDREW KAGGWA More often than not, a number of films from Africa have been falsely branded ‘African stories’ yet they actually represent a small portion of the continent, usually the community or country in which they are set. By all measures however, Malawian film B’ella by director Tawonga Taddja passes as an all-encompassing African story. [...]

ROGERS ATUKUNDA Although widely considered among the most artistic forms of cinema, experimental films don’t seem to be popular with Ugandan filmmakers. And on Thursday, whether this elusive form of filmmaking can find a place in the budding local film industry was a topic of discussion at a special workshop held at the ongoing Amakula [...]

ROGERS ATUKUNDA     As the first black student to study animation at Swansea University in the UK, David Masanso was inundated with good paying job offers in Europe. The Ugandan filmmaker however chose to come back home and start up a career as an animator. He now runs Crossroads Digital Multimedia, a leading local animation-production [...]

POLLY KAMUKAMA He lost his dad only a couple of weeks ago. And it appears American-based Ugandan actor, Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine, got the right kind of distraction at the ongoing Amakula International Film Festival in Kampala. The Blood Diamond actor was among a slew of guests that graced the festival’s opening night at the [...]

ANDREW KAGGWA You can’t forget the first time you were at the cinema. Well, maybe you can forget the clothes you were putting on but definitely not the film you watched. But I guess that only works for people that looked at cinema going as some kind of privilege, the ones that elevated you from [...]

POLLY KAMUKAMA It used to be a popular fad for moviegoers back in the 70s and 80s. And yesterday, the drive-in cinema experience was brought back to life at Amakula Film Festival as the annual cinema showcase bounced back from a three-year hiatus to put on an impressive opening for their tenth edition. Audiences who [...]

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