Film Workshops 2016


  • Date: 16th – 18th March
  • Time: 2pm to 5pm
  • Venue: Museum Exhibtion Hall
  • Facilitators: Noel Nalubwama, Alex Musisi, David Masanso, Isaac Lugolobi, Hilda Tusiime

The 3D Computer Animation workshops are scheduled for the 16th-18th March at 14.00hrs- 17.00hrs. The workshop will be facilitated by the Crossroads Technical team. The workshop is targeting Film makers, Animators, Writers, Actors and Actresses, Vocalists, Voice over performers and Visual Artists who wish to engage in the animation industry. Crossroads will provide free animation software (Trial which last for 30days). The aim of the workshops is to create awareness of the animation industry in Uganda and explore the links between animation and other art disciplines.
The workshop will entail the accessibility to animations trainings and employment opportunities in the industry, team building, how to become an animator and the future of animation in Uganda in terms of TV series.

Master Class:

  • Date: Thursday, 17th March
  • Time: 10am to 3pm
  • Venue: Resource Centre
  • Facilitator: Simon Rittmeier
  • Target: Young Film directors or Film Makers with first experiences in film making

The workshop will demonstrate where the distinction between conventional and experimental film making lies and who or what determine whether a film is a film.

In Simon Rittmeier’s cinematographic film experiments and essays he is permanently switching between genres and styles, audiences and possible ways of perception. This Master Class will show examples of his own works and the other directors that have shaped his filmmaking style. The workshop will encourage upcoming filmmakers to try out more unusual and unconventional ways of storytelling.


  • Date: Friday, 18th March
  • Time: 2pm – 3:30pm
  • Venue: Uganda Sociey Library, Museum
  • Facilitator: Mira Nair
  • Moderator: Aida Mbowa

Mira Nair will talk about her experience as an independent filmmaker over the years and the role of Maisha Garden to the Local Film industry.

Master Class:

  • Date: Friday, 18th March
  • Time: 5pm – 7pm
  • Date: Saturday, 19th March
  • Time: 4pm – 6pm
  • Venue: Exhibition Hall, Uganda Museum
  • Facilitator: Arlen Dilsizian

The Mixed media lecture will explore Africa’s complex history with moving image. The participants will be able to understand the role of cinema as a technology in the history of Africa of the last century and to analyze contemporary and older African cinema within key theoretical and cultural debates about African Society, history and culture. The first workshop will look at the Colonialism and cinematic technologies, early European avant-garde cinema and Africa decolonization and African Cinema. The second workshop will look into an introduction into the 1st Generation of African Filmmakers, representations of Africa in Hollywood Cinema and Snapshot of Contemporary African Cinema today.


  • Date: Saturday, 19th March
  • Time: 10am to 4pm
  • Venue: Resource Centre
  • Facilitators: Ian Kimanje and Pamela Ankunda

The workshop will be organized to fit these categories: workshop for children ages (5-11 years) workshop for children ages (12–18 years).Open discussion between parents/guardian/teachers and Children about the media trend in Uganda.
This workshop will give children and teenager’s career guidance in media related profession such as acting, Radio Hosting, Radio Dj, Producing and Film camera skills. Invited broadcasters who will speak about what media is showing for the children


  • Date: 19th March 2016
  • Time: 10am – 4pm
  • Venue: Exhibition Hall, Uganda Museum
  • Facilitators: Crossroads Technical Team
  • Target: Children (5-18yrs)

The kids’ film workshop is intended to be a practical workshop with kids participating in producing the final film. It will be an inspiring, educative and entertaining moment kids making their own film. Activities include: Children acting for filming, drawing for Animation, Voice acting for animation, Filming for animation back ground on green screen with kids, children recording sound for the animation TV series and drawing and shading/painting. All this is aimed to inspire a young generation for future skilled film industry as it is growing. After the workshops, Participating children will get their own Copies of the DVD in two to three weeks

The Amakula International Film Festival is presented by
Bayimba Cultural Foundation in partnership with The DOEN Foundation, Africalia, Kampala Film School and the Uganda Museum.

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