Amakula Film Fest: Five winners to walk away with Golden Impala Award

By Allen Kisakye


Amakula international film festival gears to reward over five local and international films with the Prestigious Golden Impala Award.

This is going to be the 12th edition of this prestigious film awards, and it will be happening at Uganda Museum on March 17.

According to Herman Kabubi, the Co-curator and programmer of Amakula International Film Festival, he said that Uganda film makers have improved a lot, in the quality of their film production.

The positive development in Uganda’s film forced the organizers to include the fifth category of Best Featured Uganda’s Film to appreciate the efforts of Uganda’s film makers.

Other categories include, Best Feature Film, Best short Film, Best Student Film, and Best Documentary. And the winners will be selected from the 35 films that were selected for screening during the Amakula International Festival.

Below is the list of nominations

Best Short Films

Sunday – Uganda

80 Plus – Uganda

100° C – Uganda

Black and White – Uganda

Long Way To Go – Uganda

Mawe – Uganda

Facing North (Bukiikakkono) – Uganda

Aya – Tunisia

Beast – USA

Doubout (Stand up) – France

3 Beats (Egypt)

Lalo’s House – USA/Haiti/Benin

One in 50 Million – Qatar

Timmy – Bulgaria, Germany, Belgium

Vossie Vergas Homself(Vossie Kills Himself) – South Africa

Souf-isme – Tunisia

Blue Mirror –Cameroon


Best Student Films

Kampala Minutes – Uganda

Coin Bank – Uganda


Best Documentary Films

The Big Flip – USA

Mele Murals – USA

Hidden Abilities – South Sudan

Play for peace – Uganda

The fire, the fowl, and an (un) forgotten past – Germany, France

Citizens Offline–Switzerland

Chilli on the lips – Cameroon


Best Feature Films

Subira – Kenya

Mabata Bata – Mozambique

Kony Order From Above – Uganda

Five Fingers for Marseilles – South Africa

Sew the winter to my skin – South Africa

T- Junction – Tanzania

Her broken shadow – Uganda

Veronica’s Wish – Uganda

27 Guns – Uganda







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The Amakula International Film Festival is presented by
Bayimba Cultural Foundation in partnership with The DOEN Foundation, Africalia, Kampala Film School and the Uganda Museum.

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